Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mile High Simulations NAS Key West (KNQX) for FSX Released

Mile High Simulations has released the NAS Key West (KNQX) scenery for FSX. Available to purchase at SimMarket.

Scenery Features:
- Handplaced an buildingsAutogen to match reality
- Photorealistics Buildings, accurate as reality
- Night Textures
- Numerous Static Aircraft such as Super Hornets, Navy Tigers, C2A Greyhound, Gulfstream G-159, SH-60 SeaHawk, HH-60 Jayhawk and much more
- Accurate Aprons and Taxiways
- Many Goodies and eye candies such as Marshalls, US Navy Personel and other objects to make the scenery more immersive
- Scenery developed to be "FPS Friendly"

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