Saturday, June 16, 2012

UK2000 Glasgow Xtreme (EGPF) V3 for FSX and FS2004 Released

UK2000 has released Glasgow Xtreme (EGPF) V3 for FSX and FS2004. Details and purchase at the Product Page.

Changes in Version 3:
- New High res ground images.
- New ground polygons and markings to match image, using 3-4 times more detail
- New changes to actual airport buildings.
- Latest UK2000 model set and lighting
- Existing building textures touched up with shading effects.
- Ambient shadow effect added to ground
- Animation realigned
- FSX now uses purpose made jetways
- New static model set, including GA and Biz-jets
- More airport buildings like hotels and industrial sheds
- Some north road farm buildings
- FS9 VTP roads and terrain
- Better FSX terrain
- Autumn/winter ground image that blend with default
- Blends with Getmapping Scotland photo scenery

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