Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just Flight - English Electric Lightning - Service Pack Available

Just Flight has released the first service pack to the English Electric Lightning supersonic fighter-interceptor for FSX.

- Port air-brake actuator no longer protrudes through air-brake
- Reheat effects are no longer activated with the engines off
- Reheat effects are now linked individually to each of the throttle levers
- Right aileron now has full movement
- Various improvements to the flight dynamics
- Additional autopilot controls added for ease of use
- Brake parachute handle added
- Heading and course select knobs added
- Flaps and ailerons are now visible from the virtual cockpit
- Master ignition switch is now clickable
- Reheats now activate when throttles are advanced above 95%, as per the real aircraft
- Redtop missiles have been reshaped to more closely match the real missile
- Issue fixed which caused gear to be visible through top of the wing when retracted
- G-meter now reads 1G when aircraft is stationary
- Fuel gauges reduced in size and layout changed to more closely match the real aircraft
- HSI lights altered to more closely match the real aircraft
- Windscreen mounted direction indicator has been moved down windscreen pillar to more closely match the real aircraft
- Texture issue on windscreen frame has been fixed
- Issue with speed-tape protruding from panel has been fixed

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